Girls code 5

posted on April 28, 2020, 1:54 p.m.

enter image description here The Moroccan association for computer machinery MACM is getting ready to host the 5th edition of one of its most special events: Girls Code.

An event that aims to celebrate all the girls that are passionate about the world and the universe of computer programming and coding.

This event was normally supposed to take place in the previous month of March. However, due to the Coronavirus outbreak and the state of emergency in the country, it was decided that the event will be postponed to the 2nd of May.

Due to the same reasons stated earlier, the event will be taking place on an online platform, The MOI ARENA.

During the first week only, more than 250 candidates registered to participate in the competition.

Although all the obstacles that face the organization of such events, the Moroccan Association for computer machinery showed huge potential in adapting to new situations and overcoming obstacles. Girls and young ladies who are in love with computer programming will get a chance to show their talent and potential, from their houses, while completely respecting the regulations of the state of emergency.

The Moroccan association for computer machinery knows no limits and believes that talent and passion should be always celebrated.

The concept of the competition is as follow: each of the participants will have to deal individually with a number of programming problems that she will have to solve using one of these programming languages: C, C++, Java or Python.

The competition runs for hours and more than 30 volunteers work hand in hand for the event to run smoothly, and to create a better environment for participants.

For more information please visit the FaceBook page of the Association


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