Moroccan Olympiad in informatics Round #2

Stage 2 of the Moroccan national IOI selection.

The Contest will follow IOI rules with hidden scoreboard, ties are broken by submission time. No extra time penalty for a wrong submission.

You will be given 3 tasks to solve in 4 hours (with partial scoring).

Not suitable for beginners.

This round is RATED.

Problems were prepared and tested by : Samir Idwy, Anouar Achghaf (Froopie), Mouad Naciri (NMouad21), Hamza Mouhcine (BNL) and Moncef MHASNI (moncef)


Problem Points AC Rate Users
Open the safe 50p 8.6% 20
Ninja Race 120p 1.6% 2
Family History 80p 12.6% 14


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    moncef  commented on May 3, 2020, 6:52 p.m. edited

    Due to a typo in problem C, the round was extended by 30 minutes.

    The correction is : \(⊕C_{\textrm{lca}(u,v)}\) instead of \(⊕\textrm{lca}(u,v)\)